Episode 189: Tiny forests across Europe are fighting climate change, the Germans have a word for emotional eating weight gain, a stunning view of the Grand Canyon, Louis Armstrong blows us away in Berlin, and more…

Good News: A type of tiny, biodiverse forest is taking hold all across Europe, Link HERE

The Good Word: A great mini-verse from Langston Hughes…

Good To Know: The Germans come through again with a word you didn’t know you even needed.

Good News: Check out the brilliant charity that is raising money to fight homelessness (rough sleeping) in the UK by selling everyone’s favorite: Cinnamon Buns! Link HERE

Wonderful World: Well over an hour of the most stunning aerial video of one of the most spectacular places on the face of the earth, the Grand Canyon, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Louis Armstrong and His All-Stars knock us out with a searing rendition of the song “Black and Blue” in Berlin, 1965. Link HERE

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