Episode 186: An amazing lockdown garden in London, a gorgeous quote from Langston Hughes, a traveling library in the Ethiopian desert, Wynton Marsalis on jazz and freedom, and more…

Good News: A tattoo artist from Italy, living in London, has created a lockdown garden on his patio which has been so successful, he hasn’t bought veggies in eight months, Link HERE

The Good Word: A brilliant quote from Langston Hughes.

Good To Know: Something fun about those big stone heads on Easter Island!

Good News: Learn a bit about Ethiopia’s camel-based roving library, bringing books and learning to kids in the desert, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Spend a few minutes flying over Venice, Italy, in the morning light! Link HERE

Sounds Good: Wynton Marsalis expounds on the virtues of jazz music and its relationship to freedom, then plays a soaring “Amazing Grace”, Link HERE

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