Episode 184: A toymaking retired couple, a heroic animal rescue, an amazing “stone forest”, one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever, and more…

Good News: A retired couple has turned their handmade-toy making hobby into a charitable effort, link HERE

The Good Word: A brilliant quote about optimism from the great Helen Keller.

Good To Know: A fun fact about New Year’s celebrating in ancient Hawai’i!

Good News: A potential tragedy is averted as a homeless man saves his dog and all the other animals from a raging fire at their animal shelter, link HERE

Wonderful World: Tour around the breathtakingly beautiful and odd Stone Forest in the Yunnan province of China, Link HERE

Sounds Good: We head toward the end of the year with some delightful and uplifting music, starting with “The Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz” by Johann Strauss, performed here by Andre Rieu and his Strauss Orchestra in front of Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna! Link HERE

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