Episode 181: A drug that may reverse age-related cognitive loss, a great quote fro Dr. Jonas Salk, a stunning Scottish island, and more…

Good News: Scientist have published research regarding a drug which may be able to reverse the effects of age-related loss of mental acuity, Link HERE

The Good Word: A wonderful quote about hope, from the creator of the polio vaccine, Dr. Jonas Salk.

Good To Know: Some fun facts about New Year’s Celebrations in Times Square!

Good News: Remarkable news about the positive effects of a moratorium on soy farming in the Amazon, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Visit the remote and stunning Outer Hebrides islands of Scotland and Fingal’s Cave, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Give a listen to a performance of the gorgeously evocative tone-poem written by Felix Mendelssohn, inspired by his visit to Fingal’s Cave, Link HERE

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