Episode 180: A tear-jerking good news story about an amazing Secret Santa gift, some brilliant advice about advice, a sprightly “Sleigh Ride” with John Williams, and more…

Good News: A woman with serious health need receives an incredible gift from a local Secret Santa, Link HERE

The Good Word: Some good advice about advice, from Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Good To Know: Some interesting information about Charles Dickens and his Christmas writings…

Good News: The Sikh community in the Dover region in England spring into charitable action to feed truckers stranded on the freeways, unable to cross into France, Link HERE

Wonderful World: A bizarre and amazing geological formation in Mauritania in west Africa known as “The Eye of the Sahara” is the subject of todays segment, link HERE

Sounds Good: Wrapping up our week of “winter themed music”, we watch and listen to the Boston Pops Orchestra under the direction of John Williams, as they perform “Sleigh Ride”, Link HERE

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