Episode 174: A positive attitude helps ward off memory loss, a phenomenal quote from Arundhati Roy, the deeply jazzy hip-hop stylings of Groove Collective, and more…

Good News: Psychologists have published the results of a decades-long study showing a link between a “positive affect” and fighting memory loss, Link HERE

The Good Word: A remarkable quote from the great author, Arundhati Roy.

Good To Know: Say, how much DOES a cloud weigh?

Good News: A 93-year-old veteran is selling hand-whittled walking sticks from his driveway in Ohio to help send money to a local food bank; help him out HERE.

Wonderful World: Exploring the Mendenhall Glacier Ice Caves in Alaska, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Check out the brilliant opening track “Rentstrike” from the stunning debut album from the hip-hop driven jazz ensemble, Groove Collective. Link HERE

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