Episode 167: A giraffe-raft rescue, an Aussie telescope redefines our knowledge of the Southern night sky, we revisit Miles Davis’s seminal 1959 album “Kind Of Blue”, and more…

Good News: Highly endangered giraffes in Kenya are being rescued from their rapidly-dwindling island habitat by a remarkable raft, Link HERE

The Good Word: A great quote from JRR Tolkien’s “Fellowship Of The Ring”.

Good To Know: “Bloodcurdling”…not JUST a creepy word!

Good News: An enormous radio telescope in Western Australia’s outback has completely rewritten our knowledge of the Southern night sky in record time, Link HERE

Wonderful World: One of the most beautiful and least-known natural wonders in the world, Turkey’s Pamukkale and the adjacent ruins of Hieropolis, Link HERE

Sounds Good: We take another listen to the best selling Jazz album of all time, “Kind Of Blue”, Link HERE

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