Episode 161: A fascinating new approach to renewable power, an amazing gift to the nation of New Zealand, a stunning piece of choral music by Eric Whitacre, and more…

Good News: An engineering student in the Philippines has created a renewable energy system using UV rays and built with closed-loop technology, Link HERE

The Good Word: The first of a week’s-worth of quotes from the great author, C.S. Lewis.

Good To Know: A charming fact about the Eiffel Tower.

Good News: A couple bypasses lucrative real estate development offers and instead GIFT their 2,200 acre land to New Zealand, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Take in the scenic splendor of Utah’s Bryce Canyon National Park in its winter garb, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Four and a half minutes of otherworldly vocal beauty. Eric Whitacre’s choral musical setting of Octavio Paz’s poem, “A Boy and A Girl”, Link HERE

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