Episode 158: A generous gift for a bar on the verge of lockdown, a gorgeous night-sky poem, the delightful “Autumn In New York” performed by Ella & Louis, and more…

Good News: A customer in Cleveland bought a beer just before closing time on the eve of the latest lockdown and left a remarkable gift, Link HERE

The Good Word: A lovely poem to the night sky by Bliss Carman.

Good To Know: A remarkable fact about our very own planet.

Good News: A fascinating new method of farming promises to revolutionize the entire industry in all the important ways, link HERE

Wonderful World: Visit the stunningly beautiful Singapore Botanic Gardens, including their amazing Orchid Garden! Link HERE

Sounds Good: Celebrate the season with Vernon Duke’s “Autumn In New York”, performed by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong with the Oscar Peterson Trio, Link HERE

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