Episode 153: A new marine protected area, an iconic Paris bookstore is saved from lockdown-bankruptcy, one of the most evocative songs in Disney legend, and more…

Good News: The UK-owned archipelago Tristan Da Cunha partners with ecological conservation groups to make its waters protected! Link HERE

The Good Word: A great two-part quote from Walt Disney.

Good To Know: A wonderful bit of trivia regarding three-point car seat belts.

Good News: The legendary Paris bookshop, Shakespeare and Co., is being rescued from certain doom by a worldwide group of book-lovers, link HERE

Wonderful World: Learn a bit about Disneyland’s Carnation Plaza Gardens, home to big band swing music and dancing every Saturday night since 1958, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Spend a few lively and lovely minutes listening to the delightful soundtrack of The Main Street Electrical Parade, Link HERE

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