Episode 146: Another vote for more greenery in our world, a stunning passage from Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a fact about Oreos, live footage of George Gershwin, and more…

Good News: Day care centers have trialled a small-scale experiment that indicates the benefits of greenery on the microbiome of children which may lead to stronger immune systems, link HERE

The Good Word: A passage from the great “Love In The Time Of Cholera” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Good To Know: The shocking TRUTH about Double Stuf’d Oreos…

Good News: A remarkably successful project to grow seagrasses off the coast of Virginia bodes well for containing carbon on our planet, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Explore one of the most unusual and unique places in an already unique place, the Avenue of the Baobabs on Madagascar, link HERE

Sounds Good: Watch the legendary George Gershwin at the piano, playing his own iconic song, “I Got Rhythm” live in 1931, Link HERE

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