Episode 143: A “lost” chameleon is found after over a century, a beautiful poetic celebration of Autumn, a virtual tour of Westminster Abbey, and more…

Good News: A species of chameleon which was believed lost since 1913 has been rediscovered on Madagascar, Link HERE

The Good Word: The lovely “Song For Autumn” by Mary Oliver

Good To Know: A surprising bit of trivia about Beethoven and coffee…

Good News: A startling crime DECLINE during the Coronavirus lockdowns in the Philippines has authorities baffled, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Take a virtual stroll around one of the most densely-packed-with-history sites in all of London, the amazing Westminster Abbey, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Listen to the distinct vocal style and smooth swing of the Page Cavanaugh Trio, performing their signature song, “The Three Bears”, Link HERE

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