Episode 142: Sunglasses from recycled ocean litter, trivia about “The Star-Spangled Banner”, an amazing cheese shop in England, the music of Woody Guthrie, and more…

Good News: Sunglasses are being made from debris taken from the Great Pacific Ocean Trash Patch, and being sold to help fund further cleanup, link HERE

The Good Word: The splendid poem “First Fall” by Maggie Smith

Good To Know: Some fascinating information about the U.S. national anthem…

Good News: Japan & South Korea both pledge to go carbon-neutral by 2050, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Visit the charming and scenic village of Corbridge in Northumberland, England, and the delightful Corbridge Larder to check out their cheese counter, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Take a listen to Woody Guthrie himself, performing his legendary “This Land Is Your Land”, link HERE

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