Episode 138: An incredible 5-th grader philanthropist, a fun fact about Thomas Jefferson, a visit to the Stonewall National Monument, and more…

Good News: A fifth-grader in Texas is leading a “Race to 100,000 Meals” for the needy by Thanksgiving, Link HERE, and check out his kindness speech HERE

The Good Word: A brief but potent quote from George Washington.

Good To Know: A surprising invention that we got from Thomas Jefferson.

Good News: New coral reef has been discovered, a first in 120 years! Link HERE

Wonderful World: Take some time to check out and learn about the powerful Stonewall National Monument in NYC, and its place in the progress of LGBTQIA+ rights, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Our odyssey through the brilliance of the musical Hamilton continues with the phenomenal equality anthem “The Schuyler Sisters”, Link HERE

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