Episode 136: A breakthrough in solar energy, a breakthrough in cargo shipping ecology, a breathtaking performance by the cast of “Hamilton”, and more…

Good News: An amazing innovation in the realm of solar power tech may allow for up to 125% more energy production, Link HERE

The Good Word: A deep and thought-provoking quote from George Washington.

Good To Know: A very surprising bit of trivia about the Statue of Liberty…

Good News: New designs for global cargo ships can reduce their carbon output by 90%, and may roll out as early as 2024, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Once we can all travel again, let’s visit the “Rosie The Riviter WWII Home Front” National Park in Richmond, California, Link HERE

Sounds Good: The first of several performances from the now-legendary hip-hop musical “Hamilton”: this is Lin-Manuel Miranda and some of the cast, Live at the White House, performing the signature number “My Shot”, Link HERE

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