Episode 134: A great idea from IKEA, a lovely story of father figures in Dallas, the stunning piano work “In A Mist” by Big Beiderbecke, and more…

Good News: IKEA is offering to buy back their used furniture in an effort to become “Climate Positive” by 2030, Link HERE

The Good Word: A particularly timely quote from Douglas Adams today…

Good To Know: A brilliant bit of information about wine quantities.

Good News: Hundreds of men in Dallas answer the call for a few volunteers to mentor low-income youths in a local Middle School, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Our focus moves to Africa, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Link HERE

Sounds Good: An absolutely gorgeous performance of Six Beiderbecke’s Debussy-tinged piano piece “In A Mist”, played by Bryan Wright, Link HERE

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