Episode 132: Wild Persian Leopards reintroduced into Russia! An amazing fact about LEGOs! A gorgeous and soothing piece of music! And More!!!

Good News: A pair of Perisan Leopards have been reintroduced into the Caucasus Mountains in Russia, boosting their endangered numbers, Link HERE

The Good Word: A brilliant yet stinging quote from Douglas Adams.

Good To Know: An absolutely wonderful bit of trivia about the LEGO company…

Good News: Sir David Attenborough is back with a new nature documentary, this time on Netflix, with a mission to get us all to take action to save the Earth, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Spend 15 minutes or so gliding over some of the most remarkable and unusual landscapes on the planet, in amazing Iceland! Link HERE

Sounds Good: Listen to a few minutes of amazingly soothing baroque music from the great composer, Georg Philip Telemann, Link HERE

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