Episode 133: Great news about London’s improving air quality, a great fact about Hershey’s chocolate, an aerial view of the stunning Faroe Islands, and more….

Good News: An amazing drop in air pollution in London since the election of Sadiq Khan in 2016! Link HERE

The Good Word: Another brilliant bit from Douglas Adams…

Good To Know: Something interesting about Hershey’s Chocolate Bars (with Almonds!)

Good News: A beautiful and heartwarming story about first responders going the extra mile for an elderly couple they helped, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Take a four-minute flight over the delightfully scenic Faroe Islands, north of the Arctic Circle! Link HERE

Sounds Good: Ten minutes of audio splendor, courtesy of the London Philharmonic Orchestra’s performance of the first movement of Haydn’s Symphony No. 103 in E-Flat Major, Link HERE

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