Episode 119: Americans are making the best of lockdown, bees stage a bit of a comeback in places, Duke Ellington & His Orchestra perform a sultry “Caravan”, and more…

Good News: Americans are headed out into nature to combat the lockdown blues, Link HERE

The Good Word: Some great words from Mother Teresa

Good To Know: You know what hibernation is, but what is it called when you sleep through summer…?

Good News: In some parts of the U.S., bee populations and colonies are having a bit of a resurgence, link HERE

Wonderful World: Slow down for a bit and take a three-minute “highlights tour” of one of the great scenic drives in the world, The Great Ocean Road in southern Australia, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Our Duke Ellington week continues with a brilliant filmed performance of trombonist Juan Tizol’s “Caravan”, Link HERE

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