Episode 116: New Zealand accelerates their goal of 100% renewable energy, some great news about hot baths, the great Duke Ellington plays “Take The ‘A’ Train”, and more…

Good News: New Zealand’s Prime Minister promises, if re-elected, to make the nations energy 100% renewable by 2030, Link HERE

The Good Word: An unusual and lovely quote from the great Ray Bradbury.

Good To Know: Something interesting about rum…

Good News: Turns out, taking lots of hot baths is actually, clinically good for you! Link HERE

Wonderful World: Take a look at (and learn about!) the phenomenal, mind-boggling Rainbow Mountains of Zhangye Danxia, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Kicking off a week of brilliant music from the prolific Duke Ellington, with a live performance of their theme “Take The ‘A’ Train” in 1964, Link HERE

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