Episode 114: A retirement home for older dogs, one of the best bars in the world, Devo shows their punk rock roots, and more…

Good News: Marty’s Place is a retirement home for senior dogs to live out their golden years in peace and comfort, Link HERE

The Good Word: Encouragement from the patron saint of this show, Mister Rogers!

Good To Know: Time to learn something surprising about J.R.R. Tolkien…

Good News: Cycling in the UK has gone up 146% since the lockdowns began in March 2020, and Cycling UK is here to keep that trend…rolling. Link HERE

Wonderful World: Stop by and sit a spell at one of the finest bars on Earth: Melbourne, Australia’s Black Pearl, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Check out this mind-blowing live performance by Devo, and their early, punk-era song “Uncontrollable Urge”, Link HERE

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