Episode 112: Social media does some good, some interesting facts about peanuts, a great cocktail bar in Adelaide, and more…

Good News: A girl uses Twitter to help out her father’s food truck, struggling during the pandemic, and BOY does it work! Link HERE

The Good Word: An extremely powerful quote from Mister Rogers today.

Good To Know: Time to learn a few things about peanuts!

Good News: The horses at a sanctuary in California survive the wildfires. The sanctuary? Not so much… Help out at the GoFundMe page HERE

Wonderful World: Sip and snack at the nautically-themed cocktail bar, Hains & Co, in Adelaide, Australia, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Get some backstory on Devo’s biggest hit, “Whip It”, and maybe hear it in a new light from now on! And check out a great live performance HERE!

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