Episode 110: A breakthrough in Type-2 Diabetes research, a phenomenal philanthropist, a revisit to the brilliance of Devo, and more…

Good News: Scientists have used cutting-edge electron microscope tech to gain new understanding about the protein that causes Type-2 Diabetes, opening up the potential for new treatments, Link HERE

The Good Word: A lovely quote from the brilliant Neil Gaiman.

Good To Know: What legendary author ran the first Saab dealership in the United States?

Good News: Ex-billionaire Chuck Feeney has given away nearly all of his $8 Billion net worth to charities in order to fulfill his motto “Giving While Living”! Link HERE

Wonderful World: The Nerd-Mecca of Seattle, Golden Age Collectibles, is our focus today, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Another visit to the genius that is Devo, and their lovely and satiric “Beautiful World”, live in Santa Ana, California, Link HERE

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