Episode 108: An incredibly heart-warming gesture from Ireland to Native Americans (again!), a surprising fact about Roald Dahl, one of the best meals EVER, and more…

Good News: The Irish Lacrosse team has done something AMAZINGLY sporting for the Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse team, Link HERE

The Good Word: Three incredibly powerful words from “A Wrinkle In Time”, by Madeline L’engle.

Good To Know: Here’s something you may not have known about a young Roald Dahl…

Good News: Know what happens when you cover a big, modern office building in Germany with gorgeous hardwood trees? Something beautiful. Link HERE

Wonderful World: Strap in for a free-wheeling and happily rambling monologue about one of the most stunning places to have a life-changing meal…Link HERE

Sounds Good: Feel the amazing rhythms of Bhangra music with “Punjabiyan Di Shaan” by Bally Sagoo featuring the gorgeous vocals of Hans Raj Hans, Link HERE!

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