Episode 105: New tech to turn ordinary paper into a computer keyboard, a legendary cocktail bar in London reinvents itself, a beautiful version of the song “Overkill”, and more…

Good News: Scientists and engineers have developed a method to turn print on paper into usable technology…it’s way more magical and complicated than that… Link HERE

The Good Word: Gustave “Madame Bovary” Flaubert gives us another great quote about travel.

Good To Know: Know what a baby puffin is called? You’re about to learn…

Good News: A tech firm has created solar panels that can take water vapor for the air and convert it into drinking water at a rate of 4 – 10 liters a day, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Well, you can’t actually visit the bar we talk about today, Dandelyan, since it closed shortly after winning ALL THE AWARDS. But the creator has reopened a new bar in it’s stead. Read all about it HERE

Sounds Good: Listen to the pure joy of short-order choral singing as “Choir! Choir! Choir!” performs Men At Work’s “Overkill” with singer Colin Hay, Link HERE

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