Episode 102: The world’s largest former landfill becomes a park, some more lovely poetry, music from the great Sonny Rollins, and more…

Good News: The largest landfill in the world is being transformed into a 2,200 acre outdoor park through some AMAZING environmental efforts, Link HERE

The Good Word: We continue our delightful journey through “To Autumn”, by John Keats.

Good To Know: A great story about Marilyn Monroe and someone she idolized…

Good News: A family strawberry farm decides to plant 22 acres of sunflowers, basically just to cheer people up during Covid, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Another romp through a gorgeous botanic garden: The Overland Park Arboretum and Botanic Gardens outside Kansas City, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Happy 90th birthday (September 7th), to the legendary jazz sax player Sonny Rollins. Listen to him play one of his most famous compositions, St. Thomas, HERE

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