Episode 101: A company turning defunct hotels into low-income housing, a lovely poem about Autumn, a phenomenal performance by Duke Ellington, and more…

Good News: The Repvblik real estate company buys defunct hotels and other buildings and converts them into affordable housing for high-risk renters, Link HERE

The Good Word: Today, we share the first stanza of “To Autumn”, by John Keats

Good To Know: Let’s find out why Goldfish crackers are…goldfish!

Good News: The story of the incredible financial deal that trades “Debt For Nature” and has allowed The Seychelles to eliminate a ton of debt in exchange for preserving their waters, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Take a thoughtful spin around the Jefferson Memorial and ponder some of his important words, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Listen to a hard-swingin’ performance by Duke Ellington & His Orchestra in London circa 1964, and Duke’s classic “Rockin’ in Rhythm”, Link HERE

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