Episode 96: Breakthrough in neurodegenerative therapy, inspiration from MLK, Jr., a new segment for the podcast, and more…

Good News: Amazing medical news as scientists create a new compound that may lead to huge breakthroughs in therapies for neurodegenerative issues like Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, and more! Link HERE

The Good Word: A poignant and penetrating question from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Good To Know: A fascinating fact about dinosaurs and Saturn…

Good For You: Bask in the comfortable and soothing glow of The Graham Norton Show, when you need faith in humanity again, Link HERE

Wonderful World: The delightful cocktail oasis that is Zig Zag Cafe in Seattle, and their former head bartender, the legendary Murray Stenson, Link HERE

Sounds Good: A loving revisit to Cuba and the sultry sounds of the soundtrack to Buena Vista Social Club and the lead track, “Chan Chan”, Link HERE

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