Episode 93: A resourceful young inventor in Malawi, a great quote from Jorge Luis Borges, an amazing war museum in Canberra, and more…

Good News: The inspiring story of a young inventor in Africa who overcame huge odds to help lift his village out of poverty and became world-renowned! Link HERE

The Good Word: A fantastic quote from Jorge Luis Borges!

Good To Know: A great bit of language-related trivia…

Good News: The city of Curridabat in Costa Rica has granted citizenship to pollinators in their town! Link HERE

Wonderful World: Take a virtual tour of one of the greatest war memorials and museums on Earth, the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Spend a few minutes swinging’ the day away with the Oscar Peterson Trio featuring trumpeter Roy Eldridge, performing “But Not For Me”, Link HERE

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