Episode 92: Yet more research showing the benefits of Yoga, a fascinating fact about Abe Lincoln, a favorite coffee shop in Sydney, and more…

Good News: No surprise here…Yoga is good for your heart! And can relieve symptoms of Atrial Fibrillation! Link HERE

The Good Word: A lovely sentiment from Voltaire…

Good To Know: Prepare to have your mind BLOWN with this fact about Abraham Lincoln!

Good News: Wolverines have been spotted in the wild on Mount Rainier for the first time in over a century! (No word on Cyclops or Colossus) Link HERE

Wonderful World: Have a brilliant cup of coffee and some delightful food at the amazing coffee shop “Social Laneway Espresso” in the Sydney suburb of Redfern, Link to a video clip about the place HERE

Sounds Good: Check out another incredible performance by the Oscar Peterson Trio, this time giving us slow and funky vibes (!) with “Bags’ Groove”, Link HERE

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