Episode 85: A sanctuary for farm animals, an amazing fact about cat tails, an all-time favorite London cocktail bar, and more…

Good News: The Little Bear Sanctuary rescues farm animals from bad situations and gives them a home for the rest of their natural lives, Link HERE

The Good Word: A lovely thought about success from Bob Dylan.

Good To Know: Learn something surprising about cat tails!

Good News: Giuseppe Paterno graduates from the University of Palermo at age NINETY-SIX! Link HERE

Wonderful World: Travel across the world and through time to the retro/film noir-styled cocktail bar “Evans & Peel Detective Agency” in London and get your case solved while tossing a few back, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Find somewhere solitary and peaceful to listen to Claude Debussy’s Arabesques No. 1 and 2, Link HERE

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