Episode 76: 41 States lower greenhouse gas emissions while raising GDP, an astounding fact about trees, Lester Young dazzles us with “How About You?” and more…

Good News: Lowering greenhouse gas emissions while improving the GDP is not just possible, it’s HAPPENING! Link HERE

The Good Word: Leonardo Da Vinci on Simplicity…

Good To Know: Wanna have you mind blown? Listen to this fact about trees!

Good News: The extraordinary, posthumous generosity of a quiet Iowa man who used his secret fortune to send 33 students to college after his passing, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Come and have a cocktail at the lovely Bar Swift in London’s SoHo district, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Listen to Lester Young (with Buddy Rich, Ray Brown, and more!) play a smoothly swinging’ rendition of “How About You?” LIVE! Link HERE

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