Episode 70: One million masks donated to the homeless from a surprising benefactor, we conclude the brilliant “Desiderata”, the vocal skills of Annie Ross, and more…

Good News: Homeless people struggle to gain access to essential services without having masks, so one million masks are being donated by Hanes, Inc.! Link HERE

The Good Word: We conclude the remarkable work, “Desiderata”, and reflect on its powerful word.

Good To Know: Who on Earth was Thurl Ravenscroft? You definitely know his voice…

Good News: Doing good things for others is *literally* good for you – mentally and physically! Here’s research to support that…Link HERE

Wonderful World: A breathtaking tour of the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Link HERE

Sounds Good: A tribute to the incredible skill of the late, great jazz singer, Annie Ross. Listen to Wardell Gray’s recording of the song “Twisted” HERE, and the hear Annie Ross’s vocalese version with Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, HERE

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