Episode 66: Malnutrition plummets across Asia, Pine Martens return to England, Bix plays us “In A Mist”, and more…

Good News: UN reports plunging rates of malnutrition all across Asia, Link HERE

The Good Word: When is the best time to plant a tree…? Listen to this Chinese proverb!

Good To Know: Trivia regarding Liechtenstein…

Good News: Pine Martens are being reintroduced to the Forest of Dean in England! Check out the adorable babies HERE

Wonderful World: Take a look at the Drinks menu for one of Peter and Lauren’s favorite cocktail spots, The Last Word Saloon in Edinburgh, Link HERE

Sounds Good: Listen to the lovely “In A Mist”, written and performed here by Bix Beiderbecke, in 1927! Link HERE

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